Social Media Likes – time for a percentage reality check

Nowadays it seems that we are constantly measuring our worth in likes. It can also be very daunting when you see other people on instagram, facebook etc. get 100, 1,000 or even 1,000,000+ likes. But lets break this down…

For an example, we are going to use the social media icon, Kim Kardashian. As we write this, Kim has 189 million followers. Let’s take a recent post she did on September 22nd of herself titled “Balmain Barbie”. This post brought in 3,642,251 likes. Seems impressive right?

Now let’s do the math.

First: Turn this into a decimal – take the amount of likes and divide it by the amount of followers and you get 0.01927.

Second: Turn this into a percentage – times that number by 100…after rounding up it comes to 1.93.

…That is less than TWO percent engagement. At face value numbers of likes can seem impressive, but it does not always mean they are…

Hot for more?

WATCH: The Social Dilemma

Featured photo by Nono Bayar from Pexels

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